Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joy perfume by Jean Patou

In a gesture typical of his bold and generous spirit, Jean Patou created Joy as a reaction to the 1929 Wall Street Crash. The sumptuous fragrance was offered as a gift to his cherished American customers; a hymn to life in what was a difficult time for many of his clients.
Unchanged since 1930, the delicious combination of rose and jasmine flowers inspired a floral 'melodie' that became the singnature of many Jean Patou Paris perfumes thereafter.
Joy perfume composition:
In an attempt to create the most splendid perfume ever, Jean Patou doubled the quantities of ingredients required for Joy. No fewer than ten thousand jamine flowers and twenty-eight dozen roses are required to make just 30ml of Joy parfum. This gesture, extravagant even by today's standards, revolutionized the way in which fragrances were created.

Joy perfume by Jean Patou for women EDT 1.0oz spray
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