Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Orlane B21 Hypnotherapy cream 1.7oz

Orlane B21 Hypnotherapy anti aging cream.
Highlights:: The First Psychodermic care in high-tech cosmetology.
* Created by a psychologist and dermatologist to combat all kinds of
aging—environmental, biological, and emotional.
* Psychorepair®, an exclusive Orlane plant-based complex, provides
skin with Omega 3 fatty acids, protects skin, and regenerates skin
tissue to prevent aging.
* Stimulates the release of neuromediators involved in the response
of extreme stress.
* Compensates the deficiencies in essential substances such as DHEA
which appear with age and stress.
* Brings an instant sense of well-being.
* Removes all signs of emotional trauma on the skin.
The result:
* Skin is calm and is less vulnerable to emotional shocks.
* Complexion is more radiant and even toned.
* Skin is visibly smoothed, better toned, and less prone
to fine lines and wrinkles

Orlane B21 Hypnotherapy cream 1.7oz
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